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Pest Management


Benefits of Hedgerows include:
*Pest control
*Wind breaks
*Air and water quality protection
*Soil protection
*Wildlife habitat
*Enhanced populations of beneficial insects & pollinators

Hedgerow Information:

Hedgerows on field crop edges increase soil carbon to a depth of 1 meter

Incentives to connect our Landscape

Pest Control and Pollination Cost–Benefit Analysis of Hedgerow Restoration in a Simplified Agricultural Landscape

Determinants of field edge habitat restoration on farms in California’s Sacramento Valley

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Multiscale habitat mediates pest reduction by birds in an intensive agricultural region

Impact of field-edge habitat on mammalian wildlife abundance, distribution, and vectored foodborne pathogens in adjacent crops

Hedgerow benefits align with food production and sustainability goals

Benefits of Hedgerows Infographic

Locations for Hedgerows Infographics

Sacramento Valley Hedgerows Infographic

Hedgerow Dynamics Infographic

Native Bee Nest Locations Infographic

Native Bee Nesting Strategies Infographic

Managing Nesting Bees Infographic

Hedgerow Plant List 2014

Hedgerow Irrigation Recommendations 2014

Impact of field-border management on rodents and food borne pathogens in walnuts
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