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Summer 2019
  • Will Nitrogen (N) Fertilizer Help to Improve Crude Protein (CP)?
  • Late Rains are a Boon for Puncturevine and Bane for us!
  • Rain Damage for Garbanzos
  • Watch for Lygus this Year
  • Resources
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Fall 2018
  • 48th California Alfalfa and Forage Symposium
  • Soil Health and Cover Crop Field Day
  • Newly revised UC ANR Cost and Return Study - Hybrid Sunflower Seed Production
  • Newly revised UC IPM Guidelines for Dry Beans
  • Cover Crop Management in Annual Farming Systems
  • New oat hay varieties show disease resistance and frost avoidance
  • Tips for weed management in Garbanzo beans
  • Species on concern: Herbicide Resistant Italian Ryegrass
  • What to do wtih those tough-to-control perennial weeds in established alfalfa
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May 2018
  • Post emergent weed control management in beans
  • UC Davis Dry Bean Field Day
  • UC IPM Guidelines for Dry Beans and Abiotic Disorders
  • Avoiding and Managing Soil Compaction
  • Cover Crop and Soil Health Project Coming Soon
  • Spider Mites in Corn
  • Disease issues in garbanzo production
  • New Cost and Return Study for Garbanzo Beans
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October 2013

*Meeting Announcements:
Crop Pollination Meeting, 10/11/13 in Woodland
Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium, 12/11-12/13,2013 in Reno, NV
*Grain Production
*Alfalfa Production
*UC Cost of Production Studies
*UC ANR Blogs
*Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs
*Hedgerow Update

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August 2013

*Meeting announcements:
UCD Dry Bean Field Day (9/5) and Western Alfalfa Symposium (12/11-13) in Reno, NV
*Alfalfa Production
*Onion Seed Production
*Straw Itch Mite
*UC Cost of Production Studies

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May 2013

*Upcoming Meetings at UCD Agronomy Field Headquarters on Hutchison Road:
UCD Small Grains/Alfalfa Field Day, Wed. 5/15/2013, 8am-4:15pm
UCD Garbanzo Field Day, Thurs. 5/16/2013, 10am-12pm

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November 2012

*2012 Alfalfa & Grains Symposium announcement
*Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper update
*UC Alfalfa & Forage Blog

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August 2012

*Meeting Announcements:
2012 CA Forage & Grains Symposium (12/ 10-12)
Conservation Agriculture & Controlled Traffic Farming 2012 (8/28-30 - various locations)
UCD Dry Bean Field Meeting to View Breeding/Variety Trials (9/6)

*Planting Alfalfa This Year?
Variety selection
Preplant fertilization
Fertilizing established alfalfa stands
Cost of production study

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April 2012

UC Davis Small Grains / Alfalfa Field Day
Wednesday, May 9, 2012
8am-3:45pm, Lunch provided

*Poisonous Weeds in Forage
*Greenbug Aphid
*New Cost Studies
*Onion Seed Production
*Alfalfa Pests and Diseases
*Lygus and Mite Control in Lima Beans

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November 2011

2011 Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference & Biofuels Workshop
Las Vegas, Nevada
December 11-13, 2011

*UC Alfalfa Production Trial Results
*Alfalfa Stem Nematode Management
*Organic Alfalfa Production
*Alfalfa sclerotinia
*Dry Bean Production
*Ascochyta blight in Garbanzos
*Lima Bean Nutrient Management
*Onion Seed Production
*New Cost Studies
*Office Closure for Holidays

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August 2011

*Alfalfa Production - Molybdenum deficiency
*Dry Bean Production - Alfalfa Mosaic Virus
* Meeting Announcements:
UCD Dry Bean Field Day
Hedgerow Workshop
2011 Western Alfalfa & forage Conference & Biofuels Workshop

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May 2011

*Aphid announcement

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March 2010

*Alfalfa Stem Nematode Update
*Upcoming Meetings

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February 2010

*Meeting Announcements
*Dry Bean Production
*Alfalfa Update
*Onion Seed Production
*Safflower Production

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October 2009

*New Pest Announcements
*2009 Western Alfalfa and Forage Conference Information

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August 2009

*Dry Bean Field Day Announcement
*Alfalfa Production and Publications
*Sunflower and Safflower

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April 2009

*Alfalfa and Small Grains Field Day Announcement
*New Irrigated Alfalfa Management Publication
*Alfalfa Stem Nematode Update
*Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil Update

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June 2008

*Sabbatical Leave Information
*Upcoming Meetings
*Potential New Alfalfa Pest

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April 2008

*Meeting Announcements
*Organic Alfalfa Production
*Water Quality Research Update
*Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes

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January 2008

*Workshop Announcements:
Enhancing Habitat for Crop Pollinators in Yolo County
Bean Basics Sclerotinia or White Mold in Garbanzos
*New Publications:
Sample Costs to Establish and Produce Organic Alfalfa Hay
Irrigated Alfalfa Management for Mediterranean and Desert Zones Weed Control in Alfalfa

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August 2007

*UC Davis Dry Bean Field Production meeting
*UC Davis Surface Water Quality workshop
*Alfalfa Production update on Roundup-Ready Alfalfa
*Study Leave notes
*Hemp Production

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April 2007

*Meeting Announcements:
UC Sacramento Valley Livestock-Crop Interface and Food-borne Illness Prevention Meeting
UC Water Resouces Conference
UC Davis Alfalfa/Forage & Sm. Grains field day
UC Davis Garbanzo Field Day
*Conservation Tillage Farmer Tour Articles
*Alfalfa Production
*Great Website resources

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February 2007

*Tri-County Bean Production Meeting
*Alfalfa Production - managing water stressed fields
*Frost Prevention in Orchards

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October 2006

*Meeting Announcements:
Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference Dec 11-13
Going Organic Meeting Nov 30
Organic System Plan Training Jan 17
*New UC Area Plant Pathologist for Sacramento, Yolo and Solano Counties
*UCCE Pomology Position Update
*Garbanzo Production
*Alfalfa Production -Variety Trial Information - Overseeding forages in alfalfa
*Living With Fire

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July 2006

*Alfalfa Production
*Variety trial Information
*Overseeding forages in alfalfa
*Ground mealybug
*Garbanzo Production
*Starthistle Control
*Surface Water Quality Workshops
*Meeting Announcements

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April 2006

*Alfalfa Production: Groundsel and Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids
*Flooded Alfalfa
*Nitrogen Fertilization
*Alfalfa Diseases
*Slugs in Alfalfa

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March 2006

*UC-ANR Water Resources Coordinating Conference and Surface Water Quality Workshop
*UC Davis Alfalfa and Small Grains Field Day
*Farmscaping with Native Perennial Grasses
*Publication and Web Site Information of Interest

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November 2005

*Garbanzo Production: Preventing Ascochyta Blight
*Alfalfa Variety Trial Information
*Meeting Announcements:
2005 CA Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Transitioning to Organic Farming
Native Pollinator Conservation meeting
*Other news

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August 2005

*Dry Bean Field Production Meeting 8-25-05
*Garbanzo Production:Preventing Ascochyta blight
*Roundup Ready Alfalfa
*Alfalfa Variety Trial Information

12/29/16 Download
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April 2005

*UC Davis Alfalfa/Small Grains Field Day (5-11-5)
*Disease Update
*Pest Update -Ground Squirrel Study

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January 2005

*Agricultural Supervision & Management Workshop (In Spanish Only)
*County Director, Larry Clement Retires
*Water Quality Issues
*Alfalfa Production
*Weed and Pest Control
*Dry Bean Production
*Ground Squirrels
*Cost Studies

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April 2004

*2004 Alfalfa and Smaill grains Field Day
*Organic Agriculture for Ag Professionals
*Roundup Ready Alfalfa
*Water Quality Waivers
*Natioanl Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)- Protecting America's Agriculture
*New Publications

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February 2004

*UCCE Future: Stakeholders "Listening Sessions" Crop Production Survey
*Irrigated Lands Waiver
*Dry Bean Production
*Alfalfa Production
*Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers

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October 2003

*Alfalfa Update
*Cotton Update
*Water Quality Update
*Dry Bean Update
*2003 California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium

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April 2003

*UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa Field Day
*Poisonous weeds
*Slugs in alfalfa
*Steiped ladybird beetles in alfalfa
*Dry beans
*Stink bugs
*Water Quality update
*Commodity Websites

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March 2003   12/29/16 Download
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